Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dating in Utah!

Ladies and Gentlemen... I went on a real date! hahaha... I know that sounds silly, but for the first time since I moved to Utah (almost two years) I went on a for reals live actual date!

I was complaining only yesterday to one of my really good friends that I was angry about the whole dating scene in Utah County. Lets see if I can explain this better... I have an ex who has continually fought to get me back, it's a never ending battle with him, and while he's an excellent guy we don't have a future together. This is super sad to both of us, but still remains the simple facts of the matter. This past week he once again brought up the subject of "getting back together". This caused a few events to happen... 1. I got supper depressed because lets face it, I feel like a total jerk every time I tell him no. 2. I got angry! I am a super cool girl, and I feel that a lot of men are missing out on a great opportunity to be with THIS supper cool chick! I also happen to think that I am a really good girlfriend. It stands to reason that because said man above for the last three years has been tirelessly trying to get me back shows that he misses something! 3. I decided that I'm not going to sit around and wait on guys to ask me out! I WANT TO DATE!!!! and lets face it guys, your not getting the job done!

Last nights date didn't happen to be an effort from me, it was a last minute blind date that turned into a super fun evening! I had a whole 5 minutes to get ready for this event to which my date picked me up, a 20 minute car ride to get to know him a little bit and then introduce him to 4 other couples. He's Jacob, or Jake for short a BYU boy who's studding accounting. He served a mission in Peru etc... We ate pizza, played group putt-putt and then ice cream sandwiches as we were serenaded! We then built and decorated awesome paper airplanes and had a contest to see how far they could fly! Jake was a perfect gentlemen!!! He opened my door, payed for everything, escorted me home and was charming and funny the whole night! It was a great date!

But fair warning boys... I'm not sitting around waiting anymore, get ready for some fun!