Sunday, July 13, 2014

I have been lacking a bit with posting on my blog, sorry about that.  The last few days have been easy but hard.  I've been having a lot of cravings for junk.  One of my favorite treats is popcorn.  Buttery, salty delicious popcorn.   I've been wanting that like crazy.  So much infarct that I've been super  moody.  


I have developed quite the love for cauliflower!  So yummy!  I love food in general, so having to censor myself on what I eat has been so hard. Tonight I made baked chicken and cauliflower.  My husband, being the naughty man that he is, brought home free 7/11 slushies today.  Banana, my favorite flavor. I was proud of myself, tho I did take a sip, i took it over to the sink and flushed it down the drain.  


Saturday was our running day.  We normally do this kind of thing on Friday, but we have been sick in our house this week, so Saturday our cupboards were empty and we needed to go replenish.  For lunch we stopped at Wendy's and I double and triple checked  the dining our guide and ordered a wonderful spicy chicken ceaser salad.  Apparently I ordered the wrong thing because my coach, not so nicely in my opinion, stated that i needed to get the grilled chicken.  I don't know why this upset me so much.  I'm doing really well with this change, but I've been steaming about it for two days now.  I'm even thinking about changing coaches.  juvinial and stupid, I know.  I would rather change coaches and go with someone I feel really cares about me and my success with this then sticking around and giving up all together because I don't appreciate the way she communicates with me.  I originally went with someone I didn't know because I wanted to feel uncensored, but I'm feeling nothing but censored... So I don't know what I'll do yet.  


Tonight I made the buffalo shrimp, again, I don't have a grill so I cooked it on the stove.  I really like all the recipes on Sandy's Kitchen website, she has a lot of awesome dishes, however I wasn't crazy about this one.  It had a good kick to it, but tasted really salty.  Roy wasn't a fan either, however we will keep the firecracker shrimp recipe.  We both loved that one!  

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